Backup Services

Safeguard your critical business data with our comprehensive backup services, featuring robust protection, easy recovery, and secure offsite storage to keep your assets secure and accessible.

Backup as a Service

Immutable Backup-as-a-Service: Robust Data Protection Simplified

Protect your business-critical data with our comprehensive and reliable Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions, featuring immutable backups for an added layer of security. Our advanced technology and adherence to industry best practices ensure your data remains tamper-proof and easily retrievable, safeguarding your information from accidental loss, corruption, or malicious attacks. Our scalable and flexible offerings cater to businesses of all sizes, adjusting to your specific needs and budget. Rest easy knowing your essential data is securely stored, backed up, and accessible when needed, empowering you to concentrate on driving your business forward with confidence and peace of mind.

Veeam Backup and Recovery

Current Veeam Backup Users: Effortless Offsite Copies, 24/7 Data Availability

Easily create offsite copies of your local backups with our Cloud Backup for Veeam if you’re already a Veeam user. Benefit from reduced administrative, licensing, and management tasks while ensuring round-the-clock access to your vital data.

For existing TAG infrastructure clients, we oversee licensing and backup tasks, delivering priority support, encryption, replication, and effortless integration with VMware, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SQL, Linux OS servers, Remote Desktops, and Microsoft 365.

Backup and restore solutions achieve business continuity and stay operational during a disasters or outages. TAG provides access to state-of-the-art technologies, keeping your critical workloads safe and always on.

Protect Your Virtual Environment

Protect your on-premise and cloud environments with a reliable backup and restore solution. As a global IT services provider, TAG performs off-premise backup and restorations to various locations in North-America, Central America and Europe. Each situated in a disaster-free area, our global data center facilities follow the highest safety and security standards. Designed for disaster recovery sites, each facility complements any backup and disaster recovery plan on a global level. All backup and restore solutions are delivered via TAG’s DDoS-protected and stable global network, further enhancing uptime through intrusion prevention and mitigation.

Features Overview

Complete Visibility

Achieve full control over your backups. Gain self-management capabilities with TAG Client Portal.

Full or Partial Restore

Recover individual files or entire VMs in a matter of minutes. Our solutions help achieve instant availability.

Unlimited Retention

Create additional flexibility for planning RTOs and RPOs with unlimited retention capabilities.

Secure replication

Cutting-edge, replication technologies provide a reliable mechanism for achieving always-on data access.

Disaster Recovery

Full access to enterprise-grade, Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) available on an opex-friendly model.

Customizable Backup Plans

Tailor your backup strategy to fit your unique requirements with our fully customizable plans and features.

Customized Backup and Restore Options for Your Data Retention Needs

In today’s digital landscape, creating a backup and restore strategy is essential due to the widespread and costly consequences of data loss. Organizations require tailored approaches that cater to their unique needs and specifications. TAG delivers scalable and growth-oriented solutions, accommodating various data loads and retention requirements through versatile service plans to suit each organization’s distinct demands.

Comprehensive Data Backup Services for Various Workloads with TAG

TAG’s diverse range of services enables the backup of various workloads, encompassing legacy applications, physical servers, end-user computers, hypervisors, MySQL, MSSQL, Microsoft Exchange, VMware, and Microsoft 365 applications, ensuring comprehensive data protection across your organization.

TAG’s Priority Support and Technical Expertise for Reliable Backup and Restore

Additionally, TAG provides priority support for virtual servers with encrypted backups, ensuring the success of full or partial restores. Our dedicated on-site technical engineering team is available 24/7/365 to assist with all types of backup job configuration tasks, guaranteeing reliable and efficient data recovery whenever needed.

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