In Plain Terms

Tier III Data Centers

In Plain Terms

Tier III Data Centers

Multiple active power and cooling distribution paths, redundant components and fault tolerance.

Unlike some data centers, both distribution paths are active in Tier III data centers. Because of this fault tolerant functionality, a Tier III data center provides the capacity to conduct any planned activity without disruption.

One unplanned failure can be sustained with no impact as well. Active distribution paths are in place to support this protection in a System+System configuration (S+S).

For businesses with IT requirements for reliability, availability and serviceability, TAG site infrastructures are ideal. Such IT concepts typically entail CPU clustering, RAID DASD and redundant communications.


Advanced Monitoring

TAG is specifically benchmarked according to the tough e‑commerce Industry standards, with a newly integrated and advanced Network, Security and Operation monitoring system managed by TAG team of IT engineers.

Robust and Redundant Infrastructures

TAG’s robust and N+2 redundant infrastructures, coupled by a team of advanced IT engineers and TAG Business Continuity platform for merchant requirements, makes this platform the most feasible and recognized managed hosting solution for the e‑commerce industry.

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