Network Operation Centers

By leveraging advanced tools and technologies, as well as redundant infrastructures and security measures, our NOC team can proactively monitor and manage clients’ networks, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal network performance.

NOC Infrastructure and Technology

TAG’s network and security team comprises highly skilled engineers who leverage cutting-edge firewall and security monitoring technology to ensure the highest level of network security. In addition, we enforce strict security policies to eliminate network and internet vulnerabilities.

At TAG, we have over seven years of experience and training in benchmarking our security practices. We understand that not every client has the same security needs, which is why we offer custom private networking options for clients who require additional levels of security.

While remote IT services are becoming more prevalent, some clients may still require on-site, physical IT support. However, relying solely on on-site support can inhibit natural business growth and pose a potential risk to the entire operation.

To address this, in addition to our NOC and SOC solutions, TAG offers advanced systems and operations monitoring services that proactively scan hardware, software, and connectivity for each server and equipment located at either data center. Our clients benefit from physical, emergency response for each and every system, helping to minimize downtime and keep operations running smoothly.

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