Cloud Servers

Experience unparalleled performance and scalability with our robust cloud server solutions, designed to meet your business needs and ensure seamless operations, all with top-tier security.

TAG Cloud Servers

We utilize best-in-class technology

Rapid Deployment Elastic Cloud Capabilities

Right-size your Workload capacity to your evolving business needs. TAG’s Cloud Verified Hiperconverged Platform lets you build, deploy, destroy or augment compute, storage and networking resources in a matter of minutes.


Leverage TAG’s vast pool of virtual servers on-demand. The cloud computing model helps you easily scale virtual machines, load balancers, firewalls and any other vital components.

Fully Customizable

Determine what you deploy and how. You can leverage the full potential of the cloud. Build the platform that supports your business needs even as they evolve.

Globally Distributed

Expand your global footprint with the architecture that lets you bring your services closer to international customers. Contact us to get started with our competitive pricing plans and packages.

E‑commerce Environments

As an online merchant, a single minute of downtime will exposure your operation to significant economic losses and negative branding. Leverage a dependable and compliant e‑commerce platform to avoid any business disruptions. TAG’s cloud environment provides an excellent end-to-end customer experience, fully optimizing resources and website uptime. Turn one-time buyers into loyal customers. Address and adapt to the heaviest workloads in a matter of minutes. Plan and implement additional cloud instances based on seasonal volume, campaigns, and promos without extra costs. Cutting-Edge Platform. 99.995% Availability. Dedicated personnel at your hands.

Secure Network

Additional firewall protection layers and advanced security systems provide highlevel cloud security for any size business.

Global Points of Presence

Tap into new markets. Expand the customer base. TAG’s provides a global visibility with data centers across the globe.

Why Choose TAG’s Cloud?

TAG maintains a fast, robust, carrier-diverse global data center network. Redundancy and proprietary DDoS mitigation are included in all cloud solutions, providing maximum availability and security. The “always-on” network and security behind our cloud keeps customers connected. We offer a sound, reliable foundation and a variety of additional, affordable infrastructure solutions to help meet all performance

Additional Pricing Information

With TAG’s Cloud, leverage customizable network services for your virtual machines. Upgrade or downgrade firewall, network storage, and load balancing resources according to demand fluctuations. Once a platform is outgrown, easily move your cloud data to a dedicated server solution or a single-tenant custom cloud at any time.


We provide additional services such as Managed Firewall Services that enable clients to leverage our firewall security management with our 24/7/365 staff. Our Managed Firewall Services offer the flexibility to implement custom rule-sets tailored to your specific requirements at no additional charge.

Network Storage

Accommodate high-performance demands for virtual environments and large data volumes. The highly scalable platform allows for on-demand storage growth. Enterprise-class performance provides high availability. TAG’s cloud platform works with all major operating systems.

Backup as a Service

Built on Veeam’s infrastructure solutions, TAG backup provides affordable private cloud-based storage for existing server virtual server infrastructures.

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