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TAG offers fast and reliable Veeam Cloud Connect solutions for critical data.

Veeam Cloud Connect

Always-on Data Access
Eliminate IT environment downtime and ensure always-on access to critical data. Developed by the industry leader in availability, Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Replication enable safe backups and with easy restore at any time. As an award-winning Veeam Cloud Connect Provider, TAG is a key partner in implementing and managing these solutions reliably, cost-efficiently and successfully.

Cutting Edge Technology

Accelerated Deployment Timeframes. Complete service platform setup is achieved in four (4) hours or less with immediate and reliable support availability.

Fast Recovery Times

Achieve optimum Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives for any workload whenever needed.

Features Overview

What is Veeam Cloud Connect?

Discover a fully integrated, secure, and efficient way to move your backups to an offsite cloud repository or replicate virtual machines to a remote disaster recovery site.

Customer On-Premises Infrastructure

As a part of the Veeam Availability Suite™, Veeam Cloud Connect represents a comprehensive solution to eliminate the risk of data loss. Quickly provisioned on an on-demand model, it does not require to own and manage hardware at a second site. Instead, the service will leverage the full potential of cloud storage, backup and disaster recovery without major CapEx investments. This flexible provisioning model and scalable monthly pricing, create optimized IT budgets easily and for any size operation.

Benefits of Extending Backups to the Cloud

Veeam cloud backup and replication technologies offer solutions to a significant challenge today’s businesses are facing. With the option to extend backups to the cloud and restore them instantly, investments of valuable time and money to manage secondary backup sites are no longer a requirement. Available as the latest pricing trends and competitive rates, these cutting-edge technologies provide high-business value for organizations of any size.

Backup virtual machines to global locations and jurisdictions in Europe and Central America.

Achieve high-availability for critical data and applications without additional hardware investments. Manage billing and resources from a self-service portal. Proven cost-efficiency achieved with a monthly billing model. Setup, Management, and Restore.

Simplify Resource Management and Achieve Cost Savings with TAG’s Veeam Cloud Connect Deployment

Setup and manage your resources easily, while achieving significant cost savings. One of the greatest advantages for deploying Veeam Cloud Connect through TAG, is the simplicity in which services are managed, creating a always on and seamlessly available solution.

Maximize Cost-Efficiency with Veeam Cloud Connect’s Flexible Monthly Pricing

New level of cost-efficiency with Veeam Cloud Connect Flexible monthly pricing that balances IT expenditures and optimally distributes storage and backup resources. Scale backups only when needed, paying only for what is actually used.

Cloud Backup for Veeam

Take advantage of the most flexible and reliable way to back up data. Easily create backups and send them to TAG’s cloud storage repositories via an encrypted connection. Use a self-service platform to recover data at any time.

Cloud Replication for Veeam

The comprehensive, image-based replication system provides a reliable disaster recovery solution. In case of production downtime, Veeam Cloud Connect replication provides access to a virtual machine replica in the cloud avoiding possible risk exposures.

Pricing varies based on needs however due to our proprietary data center solution and our certified cloud client partner engagement, rates are tailored in the most cost-effective way for all services.

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