Managed Colocations

TAG’s purpose-built, enterprise-grade facilities, satisfy all power, network, and bandwidth needs in cutting-edge, robust, redundant and economic data center solutions.

Managed Colocations

TAG’s Enterprise-Grade Data Centers: Robust, Redundant, and Secure.

TAG’s State-of-the-Art Data Centers: Ensuring “Always-On” Data Availability

TAG’s data center infrastructures are the most advanced in the region and as a public interest facility with priority access to multiple redundant network connectivity and power grids, we ensure “always-on” data availability 24/7/365 or 99.995% uptime.

Achieve a controlled, highly available, and secure global footprint. TAG’s facilities are located in secured locations and are certified at the highest standards for data center facilities with access to all major internet exchange points across the United States and worldwide.

Need a private network for your business-critical data and compliance workloads?

Need a private network for your business-critical data and compliance workloads? At TAG, we understand the importance of safeguarding your organization’s most sensitive data and workloads. That’s why we offer private network solutions designed to provide secure and reliable connectivity for your mission-critical applications and data. Our private network solutions utilize dedicated resources to create a secure and isolated environment for your business-critical data and workloads. By leveraging our private network solutions, you can achieve maximum data protection, minimize the risk of data breaches, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

TAG’s Colocation Benefits

Robust security

Isolated networks ensure superior data privacy. Secure your workloads with TAG.

High-speed network

Gain a competitive advantage with improved data monitoring, consistent network performance and low latency.

Stay in control

Stay in control of your server configuration and upkeep. Leverage enterprise-grade, compliance-ready IT solutions. TAG’s colocation hosting builds a sound foundation for your company’s IT system.


Scale your IT capacity as your needs grow while keeping costs within the budget.

Secure and Reliable Server Colocation Services for Mission-Critical Environments

Protect your mission-critical environments by housing and backing up your data in a secure off-site location with TAG’s server colocation services. By colocating your servers with us, you can save on business space and utility power costs while ensuring full redundancy and maximum safety for your data.

Disaster Recovery Plan

We offer an array of additional services to help you take advantage of new growth opportunities, from managed services to disaster recovery solutions. Our team of experts is available to help you design and implement a comprehensive server colocation solution that meets your organization’s unique needs and requirements.

Manage your IT remotely

Our advanced cloud computing and hardware resources provide always-on availability of your systems and applications, ensuring that your business can operate without interruption. Additionally, our server colocation services enable you to centralize and provide global access to your databases and company applications, eliminating the risk of outages and slow connectivity for remote users.

In summary, TAG’s server colocation services offer a secure and cost-effective solution for housing and backing up your mission-critical environments. Our advanced infrastructure, compliance with industry standards, and additional services provide the reliability, scalability, and security your business needs to achieve its goals.

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